Kimberly Price Riley

I update as often as I’m able. I’ve removed all of the Keeper stories for the time being. A lot in the universe has changed since I first started writing. I know that Duck's Missing Case Case and When Rain Does Fall got a lot of comments to them, but they don't apply anymore. (Never fear, Duck still exists! She'll be seen again!) To my friends, you've help inspire characters, given me ideas, read through my early work, and you've been a source of support. Thanks. My artwork page is mostly dragons and the like, but I do have some Keeper related work up. ***If you want to contact me, please e-mail All Elfwood, Wyvern, and Keeper related mail must go to KeepersCompany.***

The Quester: Chapter 1

I'm posting chapter 1 of my book, the Quester, because it's a spiffy chapter and because people keep asking to read it.Anyway, the sets up the rest of the novel (which is complete), which introduces the Keepers. Two teenagers join them, Andrew and Christine, in order to stop the universe from collapsing in on itself, by collecting ten Quester Stones.The Stones are sentient objects that use people as guardians in exchange for a gift, such as control over fire.  However, many of the Stones are dangerous and have their own motivations, generally to destroy other Quester Stones.  Each Stone is unique and can exist as anything, from small charms to entire planets.  Their guardians are called Questers.  Earth is a Quester Stone and its guardians call themselves Keepers.The leader of the Keepers is the Raptor.  She and the other nine Keepers are young teenagers, trying to keep Earth safe from a variety of threats.  They have also taken it upon themselves to become the unofficial guardians of other Quester Stones.  They hope that by keeping the peace, it will make protecting Earth easier.Yet, the Keepers have a bigger problem than a single planet.  There are multiple dimensions, other universes, and each with their own Quester Stones.  Some of the dimensions are out of balance and will soon collapse on themselves, destroying everything in the process.  Correcting the balance requires finding ten specific Quester Stones and activating them at the same time.Typical adventure setting, I know. Save the world/universie, and all that jazz, but that's just the surface story. The point of this book is to 1: Set up what and who the Keepers are, so I can expand on that in later books and 2: and most importantly, bring the major opposition of the Keepers into the light.This is one of the longer chapters of the book, but one of my favorites.