I know don't update much, but my e-mail is always open.  Most of my work here on Elfwood is in pen or pencil.  However, I do enjoy super sculpty and its probably my favorite medium.  My obsession is with dragons, which tend to get created during D&D nights (though I now play Pathfinder).  Other pieces are of the Keepers; the main characters of a series of books I'm working on.  To note, the Keepers fall firmly into science fiction, but I do draw on elements of fantasy.  You can find the first chapter on my Wyvern's page.  Enjoy.***If you want to contact me, please e-mail KeepersCompany@aol.com.  If it takes a few days for me to respond, I appologize, but I do check it.***Recent Updates: Newest uploads have been sent to here: http://theraptor4.deviantart.com/ I've begun to work on watercolor paintings in a semi-professional capacity.  As most of these are not fantasy or sci-fi, they have to be uploaded to Deviantart.  I still draw fantasy, but flowers and fish get more attention now.