Imperal Guard's day off

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Zack Marshal

 THIS is a picture from the Warhammer40K universeAbove is a staging area for a Leman Russ Tank Squadron, Techpriests work tirelesly to prep the Leman Russ Main Battletank for the taxing experience of battle. although Techpriests are the Head Honcho for Machines and the living spirts of the machines, some Tank Crews think that Techpriest Enginseers (cogboys) are a little off their track (if you know what I mean) With such secrets that are kept within the Adeptos Mechanicus it still remains a mystory for even the Inquisition itself. with their own language that is only know within the Mechanicus and the knowlege of the secrets of the Machine Spirts.Worshiping the Machine version of the "God Emperor" they still get away with such hericy of not following Imperal code and law (because they "know the secrets of the machine" and all that other hocus pocus crud) anyway to make a long story short: They made a bunch of tanks and everyone wants one. THE END

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