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These are the Necrons from the sci/fi world of Warhammer 40kBelow is a short story about necrons... but in the view of a Tech Priest (the Mechanical Geinusus of warhammer) "Intreresting!"      "What is it Brother Karmonus?" asked the young techpriest Kalsifur.       Karmonus lifted up a small pice of metel and gave it Kalsifur, "It is a pice of the ancient Machine Race!" he said.        "Exllent! we must find more of this and uncover the secrets of these machines!" Kalsifur's face brightened.     "In good time brother, in good time, but first... we must get the others!"    "Karmonus! LOOK!" Kalsifur's voice was trimbeling Karmonus looked up to see several necrons walking out of a warp portal.   There were three cold, heartless, undead necrons lighting their guass weapons and slowly walking twards them.    "By the Omnisia! what shall we do oh brother Karmonus?"    "Imbrace what he has given us, and do what we are mandated to do... unlock the secrets of the necrons."

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