Raul Vicente

I really don't like to talk about myself a lot, but if anyone gets me started, they're in for a ride... I was born in '75,and my fathers say my first sketch was of a sea-shell. I don't recall that!!...But I trust them. The 80's were fine, drawing along and learning new stuff with every comic I read and every movie I watched... When I looked around, I began to notice that people liked MY drawings. OK by me... Now and then they asked for some. Then, people started to talk to other people(the 90's) and then I started doing some illustrations for money(T-shirts and stuff). etc... Finishing my 3rd year at the University, I answered an ad to work in animation, did the tests on a 'what the heck' basis, and when I looked around, I was having animation classes with some VERY talented people! I stayed(and put the degree on 'hold'). The dream went on as I learned more and more and made very good Friends. Two years flew by. The studio was moving at top speed when the news broke: bankrupcy! Everybody out...and good night. So, I went back to school, kept the really Good Friends(one of them told me about Elfwood!), and a LOT of wonderful memories! Finally graduating in February of 2005, I celebrated by sending curriculum vitae whenever I had the chance, and it paid off because I got work right away. But as I worked  as a Civil Engineer, it was hell!!! Suddenly, I made a left turn to a copy center and kept going for 1,5 years. Until, an old and benevolent shadow reappeared from the past and invited me to work with a marvelous crew, in a 2D Animation Studio for a Computer Games Development Company! And so, I'm riding my dreams with the Dark Fairy Of The Moon on top of my SV650 twin bike. What visions may come...? Taking lessons in the Japanese language and Yoga classes, life is so sweet... Enjoy, for there is more to come!... I like 2D animation Favourite movies The Thing, by John Carpenter Favourite books 1984, by George Orwell Favourite music Heavy-metal