Hellooooo! I see that you've found me. Well,         I'm a fifteen year old girl living in a world of dancing mushrooms and and hot anime guys. YAY hot anime guys! I love video games (PS2: favorites are: all Xenosaga's, all Final Fantasy's, both Drakengard's, Bloddy Roar's, both Blood Rayne's, both Kingdom Hearts, and Okami. Um...... And a bunch more I can't remember right now.), books (fantasy, romance, and scifi, duh), graphic novels (yay chobits and fruits basket), anime (Bleach, Trinity Blood, Wolf's Rain, and Fullmetal Alchemist be my faves), and dragons. *GASP* Dragons! Yay! I like Invader ZIM. YAY GIR!!!!! Heheheeee..... My interests vary. Anyhoo, I like comments, good and bad! (ooooooh...   >_I'm currently a member of a sight called Gaiaonline. Um, I love new friends, so, feel free to check it out. My username is "Ravean".  Oh, and, I'm partially insane, just so ya know.        My art : I tend to draw a lot of scantly clad huminoid females.... I dunno why, but I just can't seem to get the male physique right! I also I do a lot of dragons and similarly related creatures.       My mediums: Mechanical pencil, ballpoints, and Roseart colored pencils usually; Starting to use Prismacolor markers. My scanner sucks, so, my pictures' colors and textures are always horribly disfigured. Sadly, I don't have any graphics programs, although I'm trying to get Open Canvas or Photoshop; However, I do have an art program called "Artweaver." 'S not the best, but it works well enough for me. I'm also trying to get a tablet, but I can't seem to find any that  are big (or small for that matter) enough for my needs. I'd appriciate any suggestions for tablet brands, or names, or um... Oh never mind. I'm confusing myself. >-      I also have a Deviantart account; I tend to update it more, so, if you're interested, go ahead and visit! http://ravean.deviantart.com/