Alice Raven

Edit: I'm going to try to upload a couple of writing rambles, because I should do some. I've been concentrating on RL and art way too long.And that shrine sounds good, guys. coming back ain't happening, but I'll keep an eye.  Love the new features. Much love n hugs to all of yehs. Alice xxx I like Horse Riding, Travelling, Scuba Diving (I have my license!) Veterinary Science, Writing and Art, Different Cultures and Beliefs, Live Rock and Roll, Food and Archaeology. Favourite movies 300, Sin City, Fight Club (Kinda Sci-fi!) Favourite books River God and anything by Wilbur Smith, GRR Martin, Raymond E Feist, Ian Irvine, Maggie Furey etc etc Favourite music Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Lenny Henry, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Rem, U2 (The old years), the Killers, the Foos, the Pixies, Tracey Chapman, Blur, Pulp, The Verve, Queen, eh, too many more to name.

Darkness cease

This is a trade story with Charlotte E. Witsenburg, a stunning artist. Her half of the trade, Ifaer who is gorgeous ^^ I did a story based on the three other tattooed people in her gallery, and came up with this. I hope you like. Please be constructive, but not harsh, because dark though this is, I found it fun to write and I like the setting. The only thing I am not sure about is the relationship between Erion and Adara, not sure if I portrayed that well. Well, enjoy, if you can ^~ Warning: mild language and violence.

El Diablo

In memory of El Diablo... the most adorable li'l bunny that ever lived. And it means I.N M.E.M.O.R.Y O.F H.I.M. Not influenced by him... El Diablo is not a massive bunny with athletic skills, he's a half-demon mortal with kick-ass weapons. I just had this idea, and El Diablo the bunny had recently died, so I decided to name the character after him, and so the chara has white hair like the bunny had... and one eye like the bunny had... there the resemblances fade... So it is a normal story, stop asking me where the bunny influences come from! *chuckles darkly* please, read on.... And also for Laura, in light of her being up on elfwood. You can find her amazing art here

Last of the dynasty

Itsa poem! Again! With poetry I feel as though its something other than my mind guiding my hands, because it feels so dream-like and such. I like this one. Reminds me of my *sob* dead grandfather. Aaah, not going into family stuff!

Son of Night

Death hath a sense of humour... oh yes, he doth. I am TERRIBLE at doing shakespeare language, but this poem is attempted in that kinda old flowing language. Sounds better read out-loud.

Split Love

This is a girl trapped in a dream - she can't wake up, and two men are duelling for her heart...

Prologue: Spirit Realm

This has been a long time coming up, sorry, this is the roots of the rivalry between Chakra and Sirion, and the origins and history of Siri. Also where he meets Shira his link for the first time.

Cat on the doorstep

Ah, this little thing was something I brewed up a few months ago while working on my webcomic. Wanting something a little less taxing, I was looking at my cat, Kitten (yes, I know, original name, its better than the one she had before! And there is a story behind it) and thus came Wind and Cat. *grins* Part two is nearly finished, and will be in next update ^^

Dancers 3

This is the thrid part of my short story. I'm quite enjoying not having pages and pages to scroll through XD. Oh look, ickle Isin all grown up...

Golden Tides

Ok, this poem is REALLY about me saying goodbye to my first horse... because we had to sell him *although somehow he's still here ><* and I was really sad - I'd had him for six and a half years, and I was too tall to own him any more... so these are really MY emotions...

Sirion's Companion

This is a short script from Spirit Realm. I'm stuck where I am at the moment, so I went ahead and wrote the intro for this character because i love him so much, and he's fun to write about. Mreeheheeeheee! Lotsa constructive comments, please, but this is my baby, so no harshness pweese. ^_^


This is for the Muffin-girl, for being cool and contempory, man. Yeah, so here ya go, its about dancers. I actually wuite enjoyed writing it *albeit short* so i may write more on it

Dancers part 2

This is a story I intended to be short, got hooked on and began to write. The beginning was dedicated to Miffy, so I guess the whole thing is XD The story continues... I hate leaving cliffhangers...

A Meeting

Chapter One of the as-yet unnamed story, involving Barthel, one of my favorite characters to write for. I've strayed a little from my previous style, it's matured a bit. I hope you enjoy!

Dono Anima

This is for anyone who has ever loved and lost, and all those who have never been in love... Hold on to me love You know I can't stay long All I wanted to say was I love you and I'm not afraid Can you hear me? Can you feel me in your arms? Holding my last breath Safe inside myself Are all my thoughts of you Sweet raptured light It ends tonight I'll miss the winter A world of fragile things Look for me in the white forest Hiding in a hollow tree (come find me) I know you can hear me I can taste it in your tears Holding my last breath Safe inside myself Are all my thoughts of you Sweet raptured light It ends tonight Closing your eyes to disappear You pray your dreams will leave you here But still you wake and know the truth No-one's there Say goodnight Don't be afraid Calling me calling me as you fade to black Fitting lyrics, I think, from the amazing Evanescence.


I was listening to a song the other day, and I wrote a story showing how I feel about it, and cause I always write fantasy, here it is ^^ The fight for love is not always with others...

Poem about the system

This poem is weird, its all about earth, but whenever someone writes a story they create another dimension, so there are millions of different dimensions all connected to earth through stories. The system is guarded by a group a bit like the FBI, who stop anyone getting into the dimensions, with their magic, because it would mean changing the entire world, because he/she would change the writing of their own book. And one person gets through into her story. Kinda weird, anyway, enjoy! *or not as the case may be*

Fates still loved

This came to me in a dream. I watched it unfold. It was impossible to remember, but I woke up with this song in my head. it went on to form words, and replayed in my head. I wish it didn't, because with it come the visions. Of what happens, when death doesn't want to be death anymore. Its frightening. I'm not joking around. I'm deadly serious. So read this. Its a poem and a song and a dream. About deaths touch on this reality. Innocence is the most frightening thing in the world, but corrupted innocence... That is the work of dreams.

Crimson Ribbon Falls

This is a poem written for Che. Sorry i couldn't include everything, mate. It is about a girl who dances on a ship where dancing is the only though in everyone's minds. She has a red ribbon around her wrist, which represents the blood of the world. As long as she dances, the world has joy and happiness, but when she falls, we fall into darkness... See what you think. I like it, since it rhymes, and mine rarely do that ^_^


This is a very sad poem, which i made up a while ago, and for a while I kept dreaming about a swordsmistress with cold, icy eyes which murdered thousands, and instead of submitting the poor thing to one of my illustrations I decided to do a poem. I'm quite pleased with how it came out, actually, Danielle Tribus Colman did an illustration for it, which can be found here Enjoy!

Irony and Blood II

This is the second chapter of my first-person medieval-vampire story, written in a more mature style (I think ^~) Anyway, is she alive? Read on to find out.

Irony and Blood III

Third Chapter of my vampiric first-person blood-fest. The battle reigns. Warning: violence and minimal strong language.

The Sickness

I wrote this when in a kind of black mood. It's set sometime in the near future, a mixture of sci-fi/horror in an unnamed town in America, and there is not really any advances in technology, but a meteor brought an unnamed illness to Earth, and this is a single story of the brutal way we dealt with those infected. Not for the squeamish - violence throughout.

Dancers 4

Fourth part of my *cough* short story...oops, um, yeah, so is this what ya were expecting? XDXD

Down by the Sea

I'm not sure whether this is a story about a deep friendship or something different, a sort of mental bond. However, the story is about saying goodbye. I wish all goodbye's were this easy. This is part of a series in which I'm writing about the magic leaving Earth, and magical/mythical beings leaving with it. Feel free to write your own story! Must be about a mythical being, and involving the loss of magic. What does your character/characters do? Do they go into hiding, flee the planet, perish along with their powers? It is up to you ^^ But don't repeat characters already done - keep up a variety. So far, I've written this story - unicorns and elves, and another involving dryads. Some suggestions: -Nyads. -Dragons/firedrakes -Magefolk -Gryphons/Griffins -Phoenix's -Pegusai There are hundreds of different beings, so if you feel like penning a few ideas, please do ^^

Elemental's Dance

Firstly and most importantly, this is for Emily. I wrote this a long time ago, lost the document and finally found it again, so here you are. I actually quite like this character, short though her entrance is, and may use her in my novel ^^ Also my friend Laura did a picture that looks like her, so you can find it >here

Irony and blood I

This is the first chapter of one of my piloting stories up here on elfwood, one about the vampire who couldn't die. Well, yeah. It was pretty shoddy, having been written two years ago, so I've updated it with a few extra's. The illustration of the vampiress can be found here