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 Well well well! I'm back, I suppose. It's been a hectic six months...Not much of an excuse for lack of updating/commenting, but there it is. A new job, finding a new place, and getting a new car kind of took some of the shine out of sitting behind a computer most evenings. I'm really hoping to get back into writing yet again, and start putting out some stand-alone stories instead of just another big book-like series...but there may be another couple of those, as well.Anyway, check back frequently, I'll be having as much new stuff up as possible. I like Reading, writing, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, hunting, fishing, some videogames Favourite movies LOTR, Firefly, Serenity, Aliens, Starship Troopers, Favourite books Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen Robin Hobb's Farseer, Tawny Man and Liveship trilogies Tolkien's works, including the Silmarillion Terry Pratchett's Discworld Series Favourite music Blind Guardian, Rush, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd

Stands in the Shadow of Death

In a nameless small village, a child is born, given the name Seth'ra Kahn Dun. He is the forty-seventh child to bear that name...and the burden that accompanies it. This is my first stand-alone short story in a while. Hope everyone enjoys.

The Fallen Moon: Epilogue

A short epilogue, following the events of the last part of the Fallen Moon. For those of you unsatisfied by some of the loose ends...tough. Life has loose ends, and let' s face it, they're incredibly convenient for continuing the story with sequels. I probably won't continue this right away - and if I do continue it, it won't be totally focused on these characters. I'll be writing a few stand-alones for the next bit while I compile and edit the Godhunter and Fallen Moon into proper books.

The Fallen Moon Part 15

Broon the Immortal has regained his memories, and now makes his way to the heart of the Moon to face off with G'rell. The last of the great powers are converging at last... This one took a long time, and I still can't say whether I like it or not. Leave some comments and let me know how I did. Sorry for the wait, folks!

The Fallen Moon Part 14

In the windswept shadow of the Fallen Moon, two forces prepare for battle.Broon the Immortal marshals his cavalry against the Gifted horde of the Apostle...but the Apostle has no intention of playing fair. With the Seer blinded by his wards, he seeks to end the battle before it begins...This is the second-to-last part in the Fallen Moon series, not including the epilogue. Almost finished! I'll try and post the last two parts more quickly.

The Fallen Moon Part 13

Now but two days' journey from the Moon, Sorrowdale's army has become increasingly demoralized and despondent. Broon gathers his captains around the Seer, hoping for some last-minute intelligence. What he gets is not exactly what he had in mind...

The Fallen Moon Part 12

Sorrowdale, at last, prepares to march on the Moon Lord. Broon feels on the cusp of recovering all that he is lost, while others are not so optimistic. Sylva struggles with a secret intuition: that her patron, the Lady of the Stars, may be seeking to control her...

The Fallen Moon Part 11

G'rell's apostle welcomes Ark Thanh and his unfortunate people to the 'hospitality' of the moon, on behalf of his god. Meanwhile, G'rell's divine rivals prepare for the final clash they know is coming... This one's more of a roundup of different storyline threads before pusing on into the endgame. It's mostly build-up, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

The Fallen Moon Part 10

Ark Thanh's betrayal of the Rebellion could not have come at a worse time. Gregg finds himself helpless, with no choice but to continue his campaign against the Gifted, leaving the Landing to the Moon Lord. Sorrowdale's survival hinges on the successful activation of the Rune-barrier, and Gregg's patrol must clear the woods at all costs.Broon, however, follows his instincts north to the ruins of Saint's Landing...

The Fallen Moon Part 9

Spring market day has come to Sorrowdale, giving a much-needed lift to the Rebellion's spirits. Soon, they will undertake a massive operation against the Gifted moving up from the South. Broon, Gregg and Sylva turn their attention to the coming battles in the southern forests...even as Ark Thanh, leader of the refugees of Estel Harbor, plots in the north.

The Fallen Moon Part 8

One month after the burning of Estel Harbor, the Rebellion is stretched to the limit defending Sorrowdale and Saint's Landing from the Gifted mutants. Sylva and Gregg, ragged and tired, return to Sorrowdale with grim news.And deep in the heart of the Moon, a much-changed Rost Grimhand meets his Lord for the first time...

The Fallen Moon Part 5

Sorrowdale itself has come under attack by agents of the Moon Lord; but the soldiers of the Rebellion, alongside the Women's Council, hope to catch the Acolytes by surprise...Meanwhile, Broon the Immortal crosses the Fields of Glass, seeking counsel from the Sundered Goddess...and perhaps, something else.

The Fallen Moon Part 6

Sorrowdale is in grief yet again, suffering the losses of their sons and daughters in war with G'rell.  Amidst the pain and sorrow, Sylva Grimhand must come to terms with who and what she is - the Daughter of Lesfyth, a Seer - and with the nature of the young Captain, Gregg, a potential ally with reasons to hold her in distrust...Meanwhile, Rost Grimhand continues his harrowing journey across the northern wastes, to his final, terrifying destination: the Fallen Moon.

The Fallen Moon Part 7

Just outside Sorrowdale, a short patrol of Rebellion soldiers have found something strange and disturbing, and send for Captain Gregg and the Seer. The discovery will be the harbinger of yet another force in the war for the North...

The Fallen Moon Part 4

Rost Grimhand reaches the north shore of the Bast Sea, and with his Acolyte guide, seeks the Fallen Moon among the desolation, there to begin his service to G'rell. Meanwhile, Sorrowdale bids farewell to fallen soldiers, even as the Women's Council meets to decide how to respond to the Moon Lord's recent escalation of the war with Sorrowdale.But a new player has entered the fray. Lesfyth, one of the few gods to survive the Fall, begins to make her moves...

The Fallen Moon Part 3

G'rell's machinations have been foiled, and his emmissary, Rost Grimhand, captured. Broon the Immortal has plans for the ex-preacher, even as an agent of the Moon Lord 'rescues' the man. Meanwhile, Sorrowdale grieves for lost sons and daughters, and it is Gregg's responsibility to see things continue to run smoothly at the heart of the Rebellion. And Sylva Grimhand, shaken from G'rell's attempt to abduct her, finds herself emerging from the abusive prison her husband forced upon her...

The Fallen Moon Part 2

After the attack on the Grimhand farm, Broon the Immortal follows the Preacher to the chapel, hoping to foil the rest of G'rell's plans. Captain Gregg and Sylva Grimhand head back to Sorrowdale, completely unprepared for what they might find there...Like the last entry in this series, this one reads more like a chapter than a short story on its own; I'll be trying to update more frequently to avoid too many cliffhangers!

The Fallen Moon Part 1

Eleven years after the Moon's Fall, Sorrowdale is the last vestige of human civilization on Goddsfall. Their rebellion against the extending reach of the Rune Lord G'rell has not faltered, despite the terror of their foes. But Rost Grimhand, once a high priest of Asgath, is about to drag the war into a new phase... This story picks up more than a decade after the events of Godhunter XV: The Moon's Fall. There's a lot going on, in this chapter and the next, but I swear it will get less confusing soon!

Godhunter Part XV: The Moon's Fall

The Godhunter breaches the defenses of the Temple of the Cold Lady, looking to finish his challenge to the Sky Lords. But already forces are converging; Arin and Ysdril are on his trail with Casia in tow, and all the preparation in the world wont prepare any of them for what is about to happen.This is the final chapter of the Godhunter series. To think I initially planned for five parts, then ten...and then I gave up planning. I have no discipline. Oh, well. Enjoy!

Godhunter XIV: The Great Pack

With Arin, Ysdril, and the captive Casia in pursuit, the Godhunter begins a continent-spanning path of destruction...but not without purpose. As the war among the gods draws to a close, Asgath is eager to strike at G'rell, and Casia's prophecy of the Moon's Fall seems about to come true...

Godhunter Part XIII: To Trap a Killer

The Godhunter, with Casia at his side, has sown chaos among the gods. His last target, Tesk's own sister, the leader of the gods' rebellion. But Arin has been charged by Asgath to end the rebellion once and for all, and she means to accomplish it by allying with the Goddess of Mourning...and trapping her immortal prey.

Godhunter Part XII: Divide and Conquer

Casia, Seer and Brother to the Godhunter, has betrayed the Dirge and now guides the Godhunter on his ruthless journey. With his sister at his side, the Godhunter embarks on his most ambitious hunt of all...one with the goal of bringing down the Sky Lords.

Godhunter Part XI: Chances

The Godhunter and Imril have reached the shores of the Bast Sea. While the Godhunter plans his next move against the Sky Lords, Arin and the Dirge move ever closer, the seer Casia guiding them. I apologize for the lateness of this one. Computer crash and schoolwork formed an unholy alliance against my once-a-month timetable.

The Arsenal: Possession - Part II

The Raven has lost his free will, and the demon has gained control. After a string of grisly crimes, The Raven has a plan to turn the tables on the demon...and show him what possession really means.

The Arsenal: Possession

The Raven has long struggled against the demon infesting his soul. Now the demon is sending him nightmares and hallucinations. It seems only two choices remain: futile resistance, or death. This story is meant to provide some background and development to the character the Raven.

Tribunal Part IV: Old Friends

Thanks to Chara, Archol Thar now knows the source of the Watch's anti-magic metal. But to neutralize it, he'll need some help from some old allies.

Godhunter Part IV: Cry Havoc

With Bacht and the Saints of Battle destroyed, the Herald takes command of the Sacred Campaign and leads it deep into the heart of the Ahnnish Empire, burning as he goes.

The Heretic Wars Part 1: Blasphemy

Nihill, a priest of the Order of the Scroll, has discovered something in an old book that will change his life forever, and may tear the Empire apart. With his friend Semilla, he sets out for a city that may be friendly to his heresy. But already enemies lurk in the shadows. This is part 1 of a four part cycle concerning the Heretic Wars, a period about 300-400 years before the events of A Mother's Blades or The Arsenal: Guardians.

The Heretic Wars Part IV: Apostasy

Nihill, having discovered Desh Nikal's betrayal, has led his people in a brutal and ultimately futile campaign against Koyan and the Lord of Blood. Now, with Disphalia surrounded by enemy forces, it seems the Heretic nation will at last be destroyed...

Tribunal Part VI: Fire and Angels

Archol steps out from the Arsenal to face the Watch in a desperate attempt to slow them down, while Chara, Rant and Arika retreat to the heart of the temple to protect the children gathered there. To Kelsey: I'm sorry, and please don't kill me.

Tribunal Part III: Chara's Choice

Things have gotten complicated for Chara as she continues to spy on the Watch for Archol. She has risen far and fast, and fallen hard for a young man with a profound hatred of mages...

Tribunal Part I: New Blood

Archol, home from the wars that had rocked the southern continent, has come to Lyre's Bend. His mission: rescue a group of children that have been imprisoned for their 'impure' abilities... This story is the first in a series documenting Archol's re-establishment of the Tribunal, some time after The Arsenal: Guardians. This one's for you, Kelsey.

Godhunter Part 1: Genesis

The city of Herettica has rebelled against the rule of the Emperor Tibidosis II. In response, the Imperial Fist has been dispatched to crush the city and enslave its people. Harild Onestar, leader of the rebellion, can see little hope in fighting the powerful Runic armies of the Empire. This story is set on the continent of Goddsfall (a very different world from my Arsenal stories). It was originally part of a novel I was working on as a kind of historical backstory. While the novel is on hold for a while, I feel the character and snapshots of Goddsfall's history are worth developing as a series of short stories. Enjoy!

Godhunter Part X: Nemeses

The Godhunter, reeling from his memory storm and desperate for a god to slay, advances upon the Season Wheel at the heart of winter.Meanwhile, St. Arin has plans for Casia Onestar, the Godhunter's sister. But as always, winter has its own agenda.

Godhunter Part IX: Rifts

The Godhunter and Imril arrive in Zar'zuduk, an isolated southern city where a god of orphans dwells. Neither Imril nor the Godhunter suspect, however, that Saint Arin is paying a visit to the Great Library, where her research is leading her to the Godhunter's origins... Special thanks to Cecily, for reminding me of a character I forgot.

The Arsenal: Blood Ties

Jeksin Muliere has ruled the Koyani Empire since he destroyed their dark god Desh Nikal during the Days of Blood. His adopted daughter, Ilyra, has always been close to him. But now she's sneaking out at night, and Jeksin needs to know why...

The Arsenal: Chaining

The Earth Mage Agrev leads an expedition across the ocean to a faraway island. His mission: To end the Tribunal's war with the wind mages, once and for all... But it will require more sacrifice than he ever could have guessed

Tribunal Part II: Infiltration

After a near-disastrous raid on the Watch, Archol Thar sends Chara to infiltrate the Watch at Lyre's bend. Her task: find a weakness in the metal that renders men invulnerable to magic.

Godhunter Part VIII: The Hills of the Gods

Imril leads the Godhunter to the ruins of Erlazatz-Bern, an ancient place that may hold the secret of the gods. Meanwhile, Saint Arin trails them still; but her demon servants have begun to make her uneasy, and the message she bears for Imril makes her uneasier still... I'm not super happy with this one. There's something missing in it, I think, not to mention that it contains some exposition, which I'm trying to avoid. This is mostly a bridge story, an information dump, if you will. Be free with criticism, I think this one needs major work.

Godhunter Part VII: Love and War

The Godhunter, along with Imril the Blind, have crossed the Stepped into Ifarla, at last hunting worthy prey again. But they themselves are hunted, by a smoky nightmare of bone and stolen flesh...

Godhunter Part V: Broken Empire

The Sacred Campaign stands now before the walls of Ahnn, heart of the Empire. Weakened by starvation and plague, the city is ripe to fall. But the Godhunter cares not for plunder, only for the prey that lies within.

Tribunal Part V: At the Arsenal of Heaven

The Watch, desperate at the loss of its anti-magic metal, turns to the ancient power of the Winds to defeat the mages. Archol and Chara head to the Arsenal of Heaven, resting place of the Winds, to cut them off.

A Buffet For Corvids

A fantasy battle from the point of view of the carrion crows. Written especially for an Elfwood writer with a large mothlike muse. I apologize in advance for the pseudo-british accents...but I've always found them charming, especially on birds. Enjoy the Corvids!

A Mother's Blades: Part I

Fura Liritaniala has been many things in her time: warrior, wife, and mother. With peace at last returned to the Genorran oasis, Fura has turned to raising her children. She could never have expected the devastating attack that would shatter it all... This story is dedicated, of course, to my own mother, and to my Fiance Natalie, who is a mother herself. This started out as just a mother's day story but morphed into something else...enjoy

Godhunter Part II: Tesk's Embrace

The son of Harild Onestar is on the verge of death when Tesk approaches him with a bargain. In exchange for his service as her Herald, he will be granted new life. So Tesk's Herald begins his campaign against the Sky Lord Asgath...and his divine allies.

A Mother's Blades: Part II

Fura, her daughter and aunt alongside her, track the creature holding her son across the desert to its lair. There, Fura must confront the creature...and her feelings of kinship with it. The conclusion of a story dedicated to my mother and fiance

Godhunter Part VI: A Soulless Man

One hundred years after the Fall of Ahnn, the Godhunter finds himself on the shores of the eastern sea, confronted by a strange, blind man, who seems to know more than he should.

Godhunter Part III: Brotherhood of War

The Herald has spent three bloody years in the service of Tesk, fighting her secret campaign. Now, fearing his power, she sends him on his deadliest mission yet: to slay the God of War.

A Primer on Koyani Theology

This is a background on the theology of the Koyani Empire. It is not required reading in order to understand The Heretic Wars or other writing, but some may find it informative.

The Heretic Wars Part II: Providence

WIth Nihill, still reeling from the 'message' left by the Seventh Order, Semilla speaks to the people of Disphalia on his behalf, with dire consequences.

The Heretic Wars Part III: Divinity

The Heretic cause has grown strong under the direction of General Raken and the Prophet Nihill. Now, the Emperor Koyan has dispatched one of his best generals to deal with the Heretic threat.

The Arsenal: Guardians

Archol Thar, an undead mage and wielder of the Dark Fire, and the Raven, a mysterious warrior with a demonic soul, are the guardians of the Arsenal of Heaven. Their task: to prevent anyone from seeking out the Winds, a powerful elemental consciousness, bound inside. Their task has led them to a remote area of Trinia, where a barbarian warlord and his wizard advisor are preparing to try their hand at unleashing the Winds...and binding it to their will This story, like many of my others, concerns characters from the Arsenal of Heaven. There should be enough backstory inside to make sense of it, but if not, tell me so and I'll put more in. Enjoy