V. Bui

» Saturday, 8 July, 2006.G'day, fellahs. :)  Okay, so I've finally done it.  I've pruned away all the decaying residue of crap art.  I've also updated most things around here.. so yeah.  Hum. :)  After this school year is over, I promise to try to update this gallery with some of my newer pictures (it's been rotting away for years now, ahem).  But for now, please visit my deviantART gallery for my most recent artwork.I apologise for my inactivity, but I assure you that I read each and every one of your comments, and appreciate them greatly. xxravenskar.» Find MedeviantART gallery: http://ravenskar.deviantart.comlivejournal: http://festivelyplumpe.livejournal.come-mail: sakura_t75@hotmail.com» Brilliant artists & friends Diana Visser | Mattias Edin | Jessica Peffer | Anni Nykänen | Melissa Steben | Betty Chen | Carla Bender | Erin Clark | Kayun Li | Jena Lombardi | Jessica Hymas | Lienn Chew | Manon Yapari | Melissa Fajardo | Melissa Ng | Nicole Eng | Gillian Ha | Eric Martin | Dion Cliffe | Michelle Tan | Sarah Zwarts | U-bin Li | Raye Foden | Van Tran | Barry Wakka | Omar Vila | Jessi Jordan | Lady D | Flora Rowzivitch & Kerry Rowzivitch | Annica Söderlund | Laura Laurain | Yuki Yoshida | Yen Bui | Natalie Fisher | Yang Shan | Lauren Pearce | Jenae Neveu