Hello and Welcome to my treasured little place in the FanQuarter! T'was update time for the bio once again! I am on summer vacation at present home in Colorado, eagerly awaiting the commencement of the fall term of '01 so that I may return to my haven of UNH (The University of New Hampshire). I'll be junior this coming year and I have finally declared myself as a History Major. Paperwork all put through finally! Next year I'll be taking three history classes (History of the Middle East, Women in American History, and 20th Century America) as well as my first year of Japanese! To answer the puzzled looks (such as the ones I recieved from my parents when I announced my choice in class) I shall explain this choice. My best reason is thus - Once I graduate from college and have attained my BA in History and my teaching certificate I intend to get myself into the DODDs(Department of Defense Dependants) program and teach overseas in Japan. Yakoda AFB looks best at present ^_^. Why you may ask... well I've been a military brat (Go Air Force!) My entire nineteen (nearly twenty!) years of life on this plane of existance and I;ve lived in lots of different places (4 years in Germany, 3 in England, 22 months in Alaska, 2 years in Hawaii... and it goes on.) But the more places I visit the more aware I become of all the places I have still not been. I want to travel with a passion. The DODDs teaching program would let me do just that. it's really the ideal way to go for me! Okay... heh and the other reason for Japanese.... I'm an anime fan! A big one, it was my friends fault... she tied my Anne Rice vampire craze into and anime one through the immortal Vampire Hunter D. For which I am immensely grateful. I now have a hard drive FILLED with anime pictures, anime music videos, anime mp3s, and a million anime bookmarks. And so to D I give thanks for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of anime! As evidenced by this craze for anime I am now the Vice President of the UNH Anime Club. Quite closely tied to the anime club is WildCat Knights, the UNH Role Playing Game Club. Of which I am now the not-so-illustrious president. With D as my VP (sensing a trend here?). D and I are also president and vice president of UNH by Night... the LARP club at UNH. We keep pretty busy. Other than those things to keep me busy... as if that wasn't enough.... I work. Over the summer I am working for the 98th Flying Training Squadron here at the USAF Academy, the parachute jumpers. What little time I end up with left I devote to writing, reading, and anime. And now that I've thouroughly convinced you that I am insane... ^_^ (If I haven't I shall endeavor to do so in the future.