hi ime rebecca or Bex as most call me, ive just finished a BETC deploma in art and designe.i love eneything fantasy !!!!ime curentley haveing a gap year so ime always looking for commishons, evan if ime not pade to much ( it all good exspereance!) plz just leev a coment if you would like some thing done and i will get back to you. thx (:  or just send me an email at I like well i love art! reading,pc games roleplaying ones!,sports and even a bit of righting. Favourite movies ummm lets see my favorite movies has got to be Lord of the Rings !!!!!! Favourite books ummmmm Eragon books,the shannara books,The hobbit,The Lord of the Rings books and the twilight saga! the black magician trilogy, which i am currently reading. Favourite music i like the odd bit of classicall and jazz!!!!! oooo i love queen !!!