Rebecca Roy

      I am a hard working American woman, brown haired gray eyed like so many of my family. In fact when you see me you see most of my cousins, aunts and mother. I am old enough to remember the cold war but not old enough to have lived through any of the sixties. No not quite that old, (if that can be called old). I love good music, folk music, folk rock, heavy metal, hard rock and some pop music, (I said some not all.) I don't like rap at all.       I have been married for a long time as well, I have four cats, two dogs, an Aquarium of fish and one snake. (I am not sure why I have the snake, it doesn’t do much but it was a rescue and is temporary, as it has been for the last three years). I live in a comfortable house, three bedroom two bath in an older neighborhood (No HOA thank heavens for that) somewhere in Colorado.        I like to write fan fiction in my spare time as well as draw and sketch. This is in addition to working and caring for above pets and husband. I love history, long walks on the beach and (wait that sounded just like a dating site oops!) Did I mention I have a wicked since of humor?

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