Rebecca Faresso

Gosh, I haven't updated for ages! Anyway I am a, 16 year old, swedish girl. My english isn't perfect and I think you'll discover that. If you're totaly confused, aks me about it. I like to read (mostly fantasy like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings... ect) listen to music (rock, pop ,punk... you name it), play guitarr, and to be with my wonderful friends. And OF COURSE to do drawings, paint and stuff like that and then put it up here, and I also like writing, but not in English, I'm sorry. I will answer to all comments, but sometimes it can take a while. Yeah... thats pretty much me. I have a fan art section too, but it seems like the link is gone -.- And I'm not going to bore you woth more 'I's. So goodbye and please leave a nice comment to me! EDIT, 18 July 2008: I have not been active here for 2 years... yet I still recive all of your comments on my email and it is always fun to read, so thank you very much for still commenting! I had forgotten my password but now I finally had time to get in here and change some things. I am currently 18 years btw. About the drawing, I am rarely doing new pictures anymore... I have to much schoolwork in my head (taking the IB progamme, which maybe explains this). And I'm not much into fantasy anymore... but IF I draw something wothry of attention I will try to upload it here, so stay tuned ;)