Here I am again. Yet *another* school year has just about gone by since my last update. I swear,...time has absolutely NO idea how to relax. My whole obsession in life right now is to learn and grow in every way possible. It's ridiculous the way I pursue it all. I've come to a few more conclusions lately :) We are most afraid of the unknown, and yet it is what offers the most to us. Learn to push past boundaries and explore new ideas and experiences. Don't be afraid to embrace who you are....acknowledge your darkness and your light. One must face everything about themselves (especially that which they try to forget or hide in dark corners) before they can ever be a whole human being. Here's a few other things I figured out: you can't give nice little prepackaged answers for life, for grey is much deeper than that. Don't waste your energy trying to find answers that don't exist yet. That is what time is for. To be strong we must surrender, to hold on we must let go, to really live we must risk our heart. All such paradoxes. Walls and a roof may keep out the wind, but they also veil the stars. I would rather have my hair blowing across my face and the heavens above me....than be safe and lonely. From now on I'm just going to ramble in my bio space about whatever is cluttering my mind. If you want to read about who I am go on over to my real biography. Thank you for visiting my artwork, please let me know what you think (constructive critism very welcome), and hope you enjoy! A side note, I very much appreciate the comments you leave. But if you would like a personal response I ask that you would please email me directly as I don't have enough time to respond to all your comments, although I wish I could!