Benjamin Redant

Ben Redant was born in 1979 in Yorkton, Saskatchewan to parents who raised him to never put all his eggs into one basket. As well as being forced for 5 years (the next 10 he did willingly) to play the piano, his mother encouraged in him the desire to draw. His preferred medium is pencil on paper (specifically, number 2 pencil on old, perforated computer paper) though he occasionally works in other mediums as well, usually different coloured pencils on non-perforated computer paper. Later on in life, Ben decided to pursue a career in acting, which has led him to the University of Regina Acting program, where he completed his Bachelor's Degree in 2005. Ben currently works as a musician and performer, still in Regina, Saskatchewan, working professionally as a piano teacher, musical director and accompanist, in addition to performing with the band Mother Night. In his spare time, he still likes to draw from time to time, and is working on a long-term writing project; one which he hopes, some day, to have something to show. Ben's art has, of necessity, taken a back seat to these other endeavours, but he has seen fit after a ten-year hiatus to return to curate his Elfwood art site. If you're a fan of his work from ages past, or have simply stumbled upon this page as the result of a fortuitous Google image search, welcome. He hopes you'll enjoy your stay. As a side note to everything else, I do not currently do commissions, though that is subject to change as time and materials become available. I also will allow my artwork to be used, if permission is asked, and if it is being used for something I approve of (just send me an e-mail, if you'd like to find out!) And, finally, I will consider selling copies of the artwork shown here, if the amount offered is sufficient. I don't update this site as often as I used to, but I always appreciate your visit and your feedback!