Emma Liliedahl

Hello! *puts out chair and a cookie pot* Sit. Well, welcome to my little place! Other things that keep me occupied: Writing, reading, politics, my cat, day-dreaming. Fav music: HIM, Nightwish, Apocalyptica, 3 doors down. Now, SCROLL down and look at my works. Please leave a comment if you like. Constructive critism is always very muchos welcomed! Bye til' now!!! Now I have to fang away my darklings :)) Love /Emma Update: (7/7-04) I hope that everything gets up with update. 3 new pics if I'm not mistaken...Love /Emma Every now and then I put up some links, and this is as good as it's gonna get!!! Go visit! Anna *charlie* Magnusson My cattons and Raze are actually getting pretty good friends... *Gothic Tigress* Rrraaawww...!VISIT! Simon Keivan Farsi Awww... Christopher Johnson I can't give the man enough praise!!!! *worships*