Nyara D'Ohanzee

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Jennifer Stuart

March 2003. Nyara D'Ohanzee is a 'hollow demon'. She is cursed with taking the form of whoever dies at the moment that she dies. She loses her memories and adopts those of her new life, becomes that person. Not so bad a life, but unlike the others of her kind, Nyara is not evil, and she's being chased because of it. With the loss of her memories, she knows not who chases her or exactly why, or even how she got here. She just knows the chase is about to end and she's the one cornered like a tiny rabbit. Nyara is my D&D character and is presently in the form of a half-drow shadow priestess. The book she carries is the tome of vitality, a curse that was used to make her what she is. My newest piece, done on a whim on a bad day; pencil on white paper, colored in paint shop pro.

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