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This piece is fairly recent, a few months old, just a doodle during art appreciation. I liked the idea so I traced it over and took a little more time with it. I got extremely lazy with the waist down, *sweatdrop* . . . but I really like the face and the feather earrings (( I’ll put more detail on them when I do it in Photoshop )) There wasn’t really an idea in particular I wanted to draw when I started it, but one of my friends in that class was doing a painting of two guys kissing, very innocent, and our teacher (( who’s annoyingly conservative and close-minded )) was just kind of saying little comments about the “girl’s” hair and etc because she thought it was inappropriate to do a picture of two guys kissing. I suppose she thought if she just told herself it was a heterosexual pair instead of homo, she’d feel better . . . but anyways, it kind of annoyed me so I decided to draw an androgynous character. (( oi, what a rebel I am *not* )) It was really funny actually when she saw me drawing it, she just frowned and said what a masculine figure “she” had until Alyvia (( my Canook friend )) told her it was guy. Thus, Raekiel (( ray-KEY-ell )) was born *dun dun dun* I haven’t decided exactly what he is, I’m thinking a demi god or a spirit of some sort, someone extremely powerful. He wears a smooth mask painted like a china doll with pure white skin, flushed cheeks, and red lips, oval in shape with almost no bone structure. His eyes glow yellow, almond shaped slanted eyes, and he never talks, either because he can’t or simply doesn’t want to. I think the weird jacket was kind of inspired by some other androgynous character in one of the Tenchi series (( the series were he goes to high school and moves into the city )) who wore a big sweater thing that I really liked. I’ve just barely started coloring this pic on the comp, so it might be a while . . . gomen nasai! Drawn with a regular pencil and a stump (( my first time using one, they’re REALLY helpful! )) to help smooth the face, on plain white paper. Took about 15 minutes for the original, about 45 for the final with shading and all cuz I was so anal about the face and hair.

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