Exile trio

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Christina Lewis

I am offically a Visual Communications major now. I get really weird ideas when I'm stuck in that two-hour gap between classes with nothing to do. I was sitting down next to my classroom door one day, thinking off of around 6 hours of sleep (blame the coffee), and suddenly, I thought, 'hmm, wouldn't it be neat if a 2D designer went crazy and started ramaging the halls of a college and design students had to hole themselves up in the printing lab for safety?' So, I thought long and hard about that, and it went from a 2D design instructor to a printing instructor, and we ended up holing ourselves up slightly closer to the cafeteria, and I ended up designing a completely new creature off of the idea and converting it all into a musical. All the microns I've wasted on this... it's sad, really. Anyway, the creatures were the result of me toying with some of the things they taught me in printing. I decided that they were the result of a freak accident involving emulsion and chemicals from a printing lab somewhere. Impossible, yes, but entertaining to think about between classes when I'm bored. They share some properties with emulsion - they harden in intense light, and therefore have to secret themselves into the darkest corners of campuses everywhere. Oddly, however, they have lightstalks on their heads (which, I might add, are VERY fun to draw). I wanted them to be at least somewhat creepy, so I gave them long feet, with which they would be able to jump to great heights, and tentacles with which they'd be able to infect others with whatever toxin made them into the monsters they are. If they do not infect someone every few days, the toxin builds up inside them and kills them. There's nothing about them that I know for certain. There's a story behind them, but it changes constantly. I don't know exactly how they came about, and I don't know everything about what they can do; theoretically, they are constantly changing into something different, as their DNA is constantly re-writing itself.

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