'Aerandir' Pestana

'Well Met my Friend. A word or two I prithee! Welcome to my wee corner of this magical place called Elfwood, and it is magical indeed! Come in, come in, O watch your head, I dare say the doors are lower here than you are probably used to! Please, take a chair by the fire, and rest a bit. It is not often that I have such an illustrious guest as yourself! Who am I? Just someone amongst the many here in Elfwood who loves to make the magic pictures, and maybe bring a smile or two to you folks that visit! I have been making the magic forever it seems, and it still fascinates me. What's that you said? O! I use pencils mostly, to make the magic, sometimes a bit of charcoal or oil pastel-crayon, but usually just pencils. My thanks to you for brightening my door, and coming to see the modest magic that I have made, I hope your visit was beneficial to you. Please, if you wish, you may sign my guestbook, and leave what comments may come to mind. I have lived here in these woods since summer of 2000 now, I think, and I have seen many wondrous things. I would you to see them too, see, I have left you a path to follow so that you may see them too. You can visit these other workers of the magic by following this path!! Be kind to them they are friends of mine!!! Aa'i'sul nora lanne'lle!!(may the wind fill your sails!):) Sherry Lynn Thomas A very good artist.) Amanda Spaid One of the most incredible young talents I have seen here... Karolina Nilsson A wonderful young artist.who needs to finish her drawings,heheheheh Mark JohnsonA new worker of the magic here in the woods, with exciting new magic to be seen. Christopher 'Topher' Allen Shepard A very talented 'wizard'. Comfortable with several mediums. Anya 'Guimza' Kholodova Excellent enchantress, who uses vivid colors to make her magic, and happens to be a wonderful person.(and she's from Russia!!!) Sara 'Fearymagic' Van Den Eng A better worker of the magic than she thinks she is, and a very good designer of the magic web too!! Maya Hirschman Another wonderful worker of the magic, who uses mostly pencils!(she also has lots of cookies!!) Rena Ingebrigtsen Rena is a very nice, very talented Viking Princess, and a worker of the magic. Celine Bellon A very nice aspiring young animation student, whose magic is constantly improving! Kat 'Dream Wolf' Nicholson A wonderful worker of color magic, who I met in the woods long ago Ana Cosme Ana works her magic in Portugal, very nice pencil and color works. Also see the galleries of these talented artists as well,... Karl 'Angel' Lines Amazing wizardry!! Leonid Kozienko A very gifted Siberian Wizard!! Mike Burley Another gifted wizard Vasilis Zikos Amazing wizardry, magical pencil work Last updated Feb27 2004Changed bio, and bio pic. (Info about sales and commissions, see private gallery, or email me) My Deviant Art page.


Final Empire: Ch 3, parts 1&2

Discovery and Flight


The Imagination can work wonders.

Final Empire Ch2 'The Truck'

The Truck: the continuing adventures of Yurik and friends...

Final Empire: Chapter 1 REVOLT (updated

(Salutations-I have been updating this tale lately which has resulted in the changing of some names, and the combining of some of the shorter chapters. If you have read it b4 Oct. 14, 2002 you may notice that the 'Yurik' Character has had a name change, from Yurik Vr'Kalla to Yurik Vr'Krull, I realized while proof reading that following my own rules, Vr'Kalla. becuase it ends in 'a' would indicate 'daughter of' not 'Son of' ooops...I didn't like the sound of 'Vr'kall' so I changed it, to Vr'Krull, thereby also changing his fathers' name.) D Chapter I, 'Revolt' A Long time ago...in a Galaxy Far far away hehehehehe. A brief note about Final Empire. In this story characters 'middle' names (and some sirnames) begin with the pre-fix Vr' it is pronounced Veer,(as in seer) it signifies the family from which one comes. As in the Russian affix 'evitch or ovitch' which means 'son of', or 'evna' which means 'daughter of' The main character's name is Yurik Vr'Krull(son of Krull)Krellix. (you-rik, Veer-krull, Kray-liks) Where two of the same vowels appear together such as 'aa' as in the name Vaanek, they are pronounced 'ah' -I have tried to include notes into the text, but most are self explanetory...hope this helps, enjoy. (Please let me know if you find any other inconsistencies, thanks)

Who's in our attic?

This is an actual event that I remember from my childhood, believe it or not. If you don't believe me, go ask Geoffrey...

Final Empire ch4

Chapter 4 'Shockwave'