Karen Cruz

Aloha everyone, welcome to my page.  I've been on Elfwood for a few years now, andafter many attempts to leave Elfwood, well I just seem to keep finding my way back here in some way.  Most of my newer things are on DeviantArt, there should be a link around here somewhere, but every now and then I still post stuff here as well.  A little info about me:  I'm 21, still draw more than anything, madly in love with my boyfriend of 3 years, and hoping to get my AA in Art Studio soon(yay!).  Other than that, I'm constantly trying to improve myself both in drawing and writing as well.  Keep an eye out for my newest treasures and please keep any comments constructive and polite!  Thanks, and enjoy my work.  :) 


The Eyes of Fate-Nera

This is the past history and stuff of my main character, Nera. Sorry it's up past the other ones. I had to cut it up into paragraphs cuz it was kinda confusing. Enjoy!

The Eyes of Fate-Akyea

This is the story about another semi-side character, Akyea. She is based off of my sister, who is just as much a pain, but can be helpful when she wants to be. By the way, Akyea is a shape-shifter.

Aza & Kioki

That's not the name of the story, but I haven't thought of one yet, so any help will be welcome! Also, if u have any HELPFUL critiques, they will be taken into consideration with much appreciation!

The Eyes of Fate-Enaka

This is the history of Enaka. They all are pretty much the same, so I'm not going to write alot about it one. They kind of explain themselves.

Rise of the Vampires Chap 1 & 2

This is my little vampire story that I started up. And her name is Anaira, not Araina like I thought it was. Sorry if therewas any confusion! ^.^ Anyway, me hopes that u like!

The Eyes of Fate

This is kind of like a prologue to the story, basically to give you an idea of what's going on. Each chapter is focused on one character, and how they came to be in the story.

The Eyes of Fate-Episode One-Chapter 1

I found this on one of my CDs that I have as backup for my computer, and it sounded very good. I'm going to continue it as best I can. There are going to be a couple chapters within each episode, because I have several more episodes in progress within my mind. Well, I hope you like it! ^.^

Wolf Story

I don't know how it ends! It's really good and I don't have a name for it. I started it a year ago and now I can't remember where I was going with it, so sorry if ya get hooked, it won't be finished! >.<

Space Story

It doesn't have a name yet, but this is only half of it! Expect more when I get the chance! Enjoy!

Rise of the Vampires-chap 3 & 4

The new chaps are here! I know it's what a few have been waiting for! Enjoy, I'm working on 5 & 6 but it might be a lil while longer since school. >.<

Starlight Prophecies-ch 1&2

The first 2 chapters of my novel!! woohoo! NEway, i have a lot more than 2 chaps written, i just have to type them and put them up here. but here u go, the beginning of what will most likely take up most of the room in this gallery! ^.^

The Eyes of Fate-Legi

This one is shorter than the others, it tell of Legi, the 'boyfriend' of the main character.