Bryan Doyle

Twenty-three years of age, and out to explore and understand the world...A simple sentence about some would say, a not so simple man. My name is Bryan, and I have had the pleasure of experiencing twenty-three years of life, so far, on this wonderful planet. I have recently undertaken a serious endeavor, to edit and publish my first novel (hopefully not my last attempt). On this site, I will display my fictionous work for the world to see, mostly poems, and such things of that nature. If you wish to help me in my quest to publish my first novel, please look to the links at the bottom of this profile, and follow them to, where you can donate and direct others to the site who may have a selfless heart. Writing has been my passion since I was in grade school. From the time I first held a pen and placed it to paper, I have loved writing. I have written three books in my life, but have always been afraid of rejection, and refused to attempt to publish them. Now however I am over that fear. I enjoy writting about anything from dragons to Fictional History. I hope you will join me on my journey, as I share with you some of my most treasured and favorite pieces I have written. I hope you enjoy the Museum of Bryan, a look into the life of a "normal" man. I like Hiking, backpacking, survival, camping, fishing. These are only the "tip of the iceberg" of my interests. Favourite movies Heroes, Farscape, Lost. Favourite books Anything by George R. R. Martian, Robert Jordan, Steven Erikson Favourite music Many different genres.

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