Shannon Nichols

New Bio! Booyah! I am eighteen (yes, eighteen, EIGHTEEN!!) and a freshman at Jacksonville Unviersity. My favorite movie is Big Trouble by Dave Berry and my favorite book is Peter Pan by JM Barrie (yay Peter! I believe in you!). I major in Studio Art (and I can't seem to find anyone else on campus with my major, but I think they're all hiding) but most of my friends are aviation majors (pretty planes!). Umm...what else...I love anything having to do with pirates, in fact I am Captain of my own ship, the Pansy! Now its Link time! For starters, here is my sister's site. She's just starting so there's not much yet, but give it a click, you'll be glad you did =0) And then we have Christina Joy Sanders, my first friend in the Woods. Her work never fails to amaze me. Natalie Alina Jaworski- I just found this artist and I love her to death! I could not stop laughing when I went to her fanart gallery because her Lord of the Rings drawings were just so hysterical. Click here for a good time! Sanna Luotonen- Another recent find, also complete with LOTR humor, Pratchett art (yeah Pratchett!!), Labyrinth, Harry Potter...basically everything I looove. =0) All that being said, I bid you all goodnight, and happy hunting through the woods!