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Nicolas Toivola

 This is a partially symbolic image, done on scratchboard, of Odin, king of the Norse Æsir, in the form of a crow. He is reading runes, and they speak of Ragnarok, doom of the gods. First he sees Ansuz, rune of the gods. Tiwaz -rune of war- connects Ansuz to Thurisaz, the giants. This shows that soon the two will battle, and Odin knew that the battle would begin with his death at the hands of Fenrir wolf. He sees the gods and the souls of battle-slain heroes fighting against the forces of darkness. The Sun and Moon are gone, devoured by wolves. The enemy charges, the fire-giant Surtr leading with his flaming sword, Loki fighting with a bow and arrow. The monstrous children of Loki, Fenrir the wolf and Jormungandr the sea serpent, are on their flanks. There is an army of giants and undead behind them. Yet all hope is not gone, for the final rune -Dagaz- is the dawn, the new day. It brings the next generation of gods. Baldr and Hodr will rule in Odin's place. Modi and Magni are the new thunder gods, their father Thor slain by Jormungandr. Also, the creatures of the Earth will take shelter in Yggdrasil, the World Tree, with them two humans -Lif and Lifthrasir. The worlds will burn and the sea will rise. Then the Earth will return, lush and green. Ragnarok will be the end of one age, the beginning of another. *Sorry about the quality, it was scanned pretty well, but then it had to be shrunken to fit, and that kind of blurred it*

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