Naomi Repper

Its been so long since i wrote a bio and my last one was outdated so ill write another ^^. about me i am 21 years old.   i live in the north east of england in a town called prudhoe, not far from newcastle. It has a lovely castle but thats about all it has going for it ... oh, and it has a lovely view across a valley  i have been drawing all my life, my parents always tell me i was holding a pen properly at two yr old. Drawing is the one thing that i enjoy more than anything. i love to recreate what i see in my imagination and reflect it onto an image that will always be there and having the ability to share it with others makes it all the worth while. I have never really achieved much in life except for my art but to be honest there isnt much more id rather do.  I get inspired from all things that i see and feel everyday. Im a sucker for scenery and always think up new ideas when presented with a beautiful view. but tranquility has something to do with it too, i dont like unwanted noise as i cant think creativly with it, but im sure thats the same with everyone :) for you i have just finished back dating my elfwood and all your comments are all answered. I can only appologise to you all for the length of time since i last replied to most of you and i will not let that happen again. i must  thank you all for all your kindness and support towards my art, you are an insperation yourselves. Now that i am back on track i promise to reply to you all and hopefully return the favour and generosity you showed me by visiting your gallery. thanks again friends. (coming soon - a list of other artists i would urge you to see.) also my email has been down recently so im sorry if anyone has tried to contact me but an alternate email is in place now :D luv omi-chan xxxxxxxxx