I'm an artist and musician.  I have been drawing and painting since I was young. But most heavily since around 1976. I was a telephone operator for 15 years. It got very boring just placing calls. So I started drawing small pencils sketches at the board between calls. It blossomed into a whole lot of other art that I have done. I have over 950 pencil sketches in my miniature collection. I built a website for some of them and you can see them by going to:       When I'm not drawing  or painting I'm playing guitar at different venues. I especially like the ones I get paid for. I have videos on you tube (just type Retro Ron) and on my site as well.  I love to play golf also when my back allows it. I plan on putting some of my paintings on here as well. So that's all for now. Please feel free to contact me :            Thanks R.T. I like Art, Music, Performing on guitar Favourite movies Terminator movies, Scy Fy channel Ghost Hunters etc. Favourite books Stephen King Tommyknockers Favourite music Beatles, Harry Chapin, Moody Blues, Jim Croce, Crosby Stills Nash& Young