Hi there - Welcome to my part of the wyverns! I'm a PhD student of botany in Heidelberg (Germany) and have been writing short stories for several years now. Most of them are in German only but I hope to be motivated to translate some more by joining the library. If you want a recommendation, read "After the night" - most of my readers and I myself think it's my best so far.

The last dusk

In a not-so-far future the remnants of humanity struggle for their lifes.

After the night

A medieval mercenary awakes not knowing where he is and what happened to him, just to find out that he is imprisoned and something is definitely wrong... Special thanks go to Stephanie Riley for correcting my translation of this story into English!

The Visitor

This is just the kind of story that sometimes comes up when sitting there, doing something completely unrelated...

A perfect society

Let an Atlantean tell you about his continent, its legal system and what happened when he collided with it.