robert helou

Born the 13.08.79 in a military base, I grew up in a nice and comfy jar.Days were passing by slowly and, I have to admit, there's nothing much to do in a jar... even the other guys of the rack were'nt such good company. Anyway, I lost my wings and 3 arms by the age of 5 and it took me 3 more years to get my second eye. I finally escaped from the base and started a life as a carpenter in Judea... but as I was only speaking french and english, I couldn't get any friends here neither. Sadness, loneliness and cruelty of mankind brought me on a place called Elfwood. And there I am ! With nice people who took me as one of them and posted really nice things... Happiness and joy was my everyday life ! Hum... As you noticed, nothing is true (except maybe the jar thing...) but still it's a nice place here ! PS: I already want to thank the people who post here and I want to apologize if I don't answer very often to comments... the reasons are 1/ I work too much 2/ I'm a lazy man !