Rhodri McCormack

Update 24th of 0ctober, 2009: I've quite unexpectedly just landed a full-timeĀ  job asĀ  Fantasy Illustrator, my first week was mind bending -I'VE GONE DIGITAL!! Yesterday I watched these tutorials by one-vox: http://one-vox.deviantart.com/gallery/#YouTubes on Masks etc and they are really going to help.Older post: This is my stuff, it's all done in traditional mediums with the odd bit of digital retouching. The work is all old and I haven't made any new work in years. Do have a look around but it's best not to comment, as you can see I don't get back here very often and it will be so long before I reply that I figure you won't remember me and so I don't reply at all. I thank all past commenters and I apologize to everyone who's comments have been left unreplied to, I do appreciate them, I once lived for them.