Sheryl Bright

Quixotically creative. I'm not an artist by any means, but I like to learn. I have more hobbies than I can state. I like reading, writing, creating, tae kwon do Favourite movies eragon, lotr, serenity, firefly, torchwood, doctor who, farscape Favourite books lotr, belgariad, malorian, crystal singers, petaybee, cold fire, iroshi set, zelasny Favourite music shinedown, avenged sevenfold, TSO, old rock, some older pop, and music that makes you listen and sing along to the story it has to tell.

Held in the Arms of the Night Ch 7

 Briahni awaits her first mission from her druid and finds a very worthy opponent.

Held in the Arms of the Night Ch 6

 Airik awakens to become more than he was and more than he ever expected to become.

Held in the Arms of the Night Chapter 5

Briahni must learn and master a new form of magic that opens her eyes to new possibilities.

Held in the Arms of the Night Ch 4

Airik awakens to find that his memories are gone. He knows that he is more than he appears, but cannot force his mind to remember. He has a dream adventure that he realizes was a memory.

Held in the Arms of the Night Ch. 3

After having everything that was familiar to her ripped away, Briahni finds a new purpose in life. The Sun and a Druid lord are introduced.

Held in the Arms of the Night Ch2

The story continues as the Moon intervenes and steals one away sealing the fate of the village.

Held in the Arms of the Night Ch 1

Two torn apart by the hubris of one and the jealousy of a third party. A priestess of the moon realizes that her calling is not quite as sacred as she wanted it to be.

Buy Me Something Icy ~ Intro

Trouble, torture, and hunting! All in a day's fun for this half goddess, half demon, modern day girl.

Journey of the Damned

A thought and a long ago challenge. Best friends from a long ago time experimented with magic and it went wrong creating two pieces of one monster buried deep within the souls of what were two good men. The story takes place in modern day Atlanta, Buckhead to be specific. Are the two immortal? They do not know, but they can be hurt. Along the way, they find or create more like them so there are at least two factions. Are they vampires? No, but similar in some ways. This is the intro poem to the story. I'm trying to decide if the story is worth writing. It will be a trip to the dark side, to the seedy, to the depths of nightmare but with redemption of a sort.  Let me know if you're interested. If you are, I'll finish it out.