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I was looking for something that might be able to bridge all my storylines just for fun one day... and I was coming up with -NOTHING- in the process.All my storylines are so diverse from each other that they had nothing in common other than myself. Then it struck me!Interdimensional travel!So I started trying to create a character that could do this... however, if it was by magic then my Sci-Fi storylines wouldn't really accomodate it... and if it was a technological device that allowed a character to travel through dimensions, then what would happen if its power-source did nothing in a Fantastical setting... so I got discouraged...I sat down to watch TV, brooding on my dilemma... As I sat there another thought struck me! CARTOONS!!Bugs Bunny can do -ANYTHING- he wants... same with the rest of the Looney Toons when you get right down to it. They can even come to the 'real world' and play basketball with Michael Jordan!So I came up with Greg, the Caracature. He's a lot like those Looney Toon cartoon characters, except that he's slightly evil... well, ok, not 'evil' as such... but definately 'sinister.' He enjoys making my Heros squirm for no other reason than entertainment (Hey, when you can do anything you want, what would -you- do for fun, eh?)So here he is, in all his original conceptual splendour... tormenting Yori, who's a regular in my Lothlorien gallery.I would have put him in there, but because of his actions here I figured it would be better to put it in the Zone.

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