First off: Artist of the week November 20, 2001. By unpopular demand, we continue the artist of the week! This time, we take a moment to contemplate the diverse works of...Christopher 'Topher' Allen Shepard, a highly talented individual who has dominated more than a few mediums, working in color and black/white imagery. His works are based more on the anatomical aspects of the human body, male and female, creating everything from fantasy to an impressive display of realism in his latest image. His works are done in pencil, charcoal, colored pencil and in some cases, computer generated. If you like dynamic, fluid imagery, with a strong sense of 'power', then he is the person to visit. Colored, black and white images, one image of partial nudity.Kim Van Gampelaere As most of you already know, Kim passed away this past summer. Her presence and talent was a joy to behold. For that reason, there shall be a permanent link on my page to her gallery. In memory of her talent and friendship... Elfwood Gold Pages-- This link leads to the DHTML enriched version of the Pages. It provides a rotating bottom screen of examples of the works that can be seen. About 420 plus artists. Updated August 8th, 2001.Elfwood Gold Pages-- The non-frame and non-DHTML form can be found at this link, being almost identical to the previous form, having no Java, DHTML or advanced script. About 200 plus artists.Projects: I have uploaded a new image, titled 'Archangel Jophiel: Heaven, let your light shine down (Finished)'. I have an idea I would love to try. I invite any and all artists to take this version of Archangel Jophiel, and color it in their own style, taste or technique. Any style. Realistic, manga/anime, surreal, abstract, etc. Add the background you wish, if any, and any other details. There is no time limit, and everyone is invited to participate! When you are done, send me the image, and I will build a cyber mural wall with links to your gallery page or homepage. If you need a different style image (without contrast) or bigger/smaller, let me know. And, please, do have fun! PS: This does not mean you can take the image, change it and make it yours exclusively! Just making sure we are in agreement on that... I want to take the time to thank William Li, Sophie M Klesen, Michael J. May, Tom Bell, Anneke Broenink, Anneth Lagamo, K.P. Lines and Christiaan Iken for their invaluable help in this form and previous attempts of Archangel Jophiel! Without their add, and of others, I would not have been able to get this image eventually done...The Archangel Jophiel Project. There are 18 different images now, created by 16 different artists. All are remarkable, and demonstrate the varied types of styles present here in Elfwood. Thank you to Anneke Broenink, Norma Peters, Tom Javoroski, Kara T Carpenter, Heidi Jo Blackburn, Cheryl L Chastant, Lipták László, Jennifer Vernon, Christy M Roberts, Steven 'Draken' Pickard, and Kirk A Dymbrowski, Andreas Carlund, Stephanie Germain, Elizabeth Vegh, Courtney Weger Cantrell and Kelsi Dick. For those who wish to participate, please do!Assassin progress page Completed. You may see it here on this gallery also. Caution: Nudity So what else is new? *LOL*November 20th, 2001: New project Liptak Laszlo has initiated a new project, and he wishes for all to participate! He has created an intricate sword design, and wishes for any artist to color the image in the style that they wish. The rules are as follows: The sword design must be kept intact, with little change (I will check with Liptak to verify this), with the dimensions of the image being no more than 1000 pixels in any one direction. Please scan in 150 dpi. The artists may recreate the image in any medium, color, black/white, in any style or format (realistic, CG, anime style, realistic, in pencil, colored pencils, ink, with or without background, included with another image, etc). Those who do undertake the project should send their final images to Liptak or myself, and they will be included in a cyber mural where they will displayed, along with a small gallery for each artist where personal information, links and their sword rendition will be displayed in full size. Credit will be given to each artist who participates, but we ask that no one take full exclusive credit for the image (after all, Liptak did create the orignal design). The project page is here, at Pantheon of Liptak and the Swords