Ric Sattler

In real life, I produce equipment for live roleplaying a little south of Frankfurt in Germany. Formerly I owned a a little IT company together with some other people. Some FAQ's: Yes, some of the paintings are really done with pastels and there is a (not realy) growing pastels-tutorial in the FARP-Section of Elfwood. I use my art to relax. I never spent time in an artschool, but I have been inspired by the paintings of Larry Elmore, Clyde Caldwell, Keith Parkinson, Ciruelo and Royo. I like to draw women, unicorns and dragons. They have a great deal in common (in the positive attributes) and are relatively easy to draw. I do comissions, but only limited and they are not free of charge. I sell some of my paintings as prints. If you are interested, send a mail to me. Visit my private gallery/blog to see more paintings and the LARP-tuff, but beware: the page is in german language..Visit me on german Conventions, you will find them in my Blog And now: look at my work and give me some comments and criticisms ;-) I like My Friends, Reading Books, natural Horsemanship, Live Roleplaying Favourite movies Not that much Favourite books To much to list here Favourite music Mostly alternative Rock.