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Date: July 29/2003 Tools: Mechanical Pencil A portrait of an rp character from an Tolkien MUSH called Elendor. The Description: entle curls of fire fall down this elleth's back gracefully, past her waist. Her skin is flawless and pale, being only a bit creamier than her pearl dress. Her cheeks are usually tinted and flushed, giving her face a bit of colour. Eyes of bright emerald stand out upon this maiden's face, and they usually remain bright and shining. Though she looks no older than twenty, her eyes give away her age, as within them can be seen some small hint of sadness that reveal her to be one of the eldar. Her lips are a light reddish colour and always look as though she had just been biting on them. On her small finger she wears a silver ring adorned with a rose. She is clothed in a white dress that reaches down to her ankles, clinging loosely to her curves. Upon her small feet are white slippers. A belt made of thin silver rope wraps around her waist, and a small dagger and sheath are attatched to her side. Atop the dress is usually a green Laiquendi cloak. Usually upon her back is a bag made of brown leather, which holds herbs and bandages for when she travels away from the healing talan to practice her art. Lithoniel stands at a fair height, and is rather slender and delicate, even for one of the elvish kind. (writen by the player)

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