UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!!! So sorry I haven't been around for a while everyone. I've been too hideously busy. but i've done some spring cleaning and hopefully i'll get back to regular updates again!Well, I thought that I should probably write a new bio, considering I have no life and my old bio was getting rather dusty... Hmm....what to say? I'm finished my thirdsecond year at the Ontario College (University?) of Art and Design in Toronto, Ontario. It was a lot of work, but i think i've learned alot and hope that thesis year will go well as i work towards my BA in Design with a major in illustration. I think that math is the oldest form of human torture. Anyway, enough about me. Go look at my art, and please leave me some comments. I'm open to art trades and commissions. Love, Peace, Empathy... APRIL 2006 UPDATE: NEW ART!!!!wow guys, it's been almost a whole year since there's been an update around here. i've gotten rid of some oldies and added some newies...Some artists I like:::meredith perry::::Tanya Kozik::::Dan Harding::::Tamsin Isles::::Sanna Luotonen::::Catherine Baker::::Tina von Wiesen::::Gus Kosmopoulos:: Leave me some comments, too, okay?