Animated Caleb Redesign?

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I recently got the posibility to see an episode of W.I.T.C.H. - The Animated Adventures... Not a succes. Besides from the Danish dub being reeeeally bad, I got really angry over the fact that they had rewritten most of the story, made it a "both gender" show, even though no boy in their right mind will ever believe this isn't a story for girls (in other words... They have made it less apealing for girls without gaining anything), made the show targeting 6-10 years old, where the comics are targeting 8-14, thrown a goblin sidekick in to Caleb AND... Worst of all, given him a redesign making him all human! I mean, besides from the rather obvious plothole this makes compared to the comic (Only the royal family of Meridian are human), who in their right minds take a cute bishounen with facedecorations and pointy ears, and resesigns him to appear all human?!? What were the directors thinking? You do NOT take away the very things that define a character and subsequently think you've made him better. Come on, this is Caleb! A character designed by Barbucci himself, and one of the core-characters of season one (and two, now we're at it). You DO NOT give him a redesign to appear all human. I later learned that the animators only got to read 6-9 comics of the twelves that first season consist off, and that they were pulled in different directions from people in higher positions.... This does NOT imporve my thoughts about the cartoon. Disney didn't even have the courage to make it a purely girls story, even though this is what the comic has grown so popular on. I even found a place where an animator complained about the girls being too powerfull. Well, MAYBE if you didn't had had them all fly, that wouldn't have ben a problem for you! This is what happens when you doesn't read the story!Seriously. How can you NOT read the entire original story of a show  you are goind to animate? Anyway, here we got comic Elyon, Cornelia and Caleb giving their comment to the animated version of their series. Poor Caleb...Note to American visitors: In Europe  W.I.T.C.H. is a comic posted in monthly magazines of approcimately 70 pages length. Not a book with three or four comicpages in the beginning and end. It's a full scale comic.Also, to people who has only seen the cartoon: Read the comic. It's better... W.I.T.C.H. is © Walt Disney Company

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