Corrine Hunsher

I am Corrine. I'm a creative writing major and a sophomore in college. All of the stories on here are really, really old, and many stories have been drastically changed. It is safe to say these stories will remain inactive indefinitely. Perhaps one day I will update my works, but for now I am very busy in my everyday life. Well, that's all for now, but keep checking back on me okay? ♦ I like Writing, drawing, derpping on the interwebs

Distant Memory- One

It is the year 2025, and a plauge of biblical proportions has ransacked the earth. Those affected by the 'virus' turn into blood-loving creatues that myth has often reffered to as vampires. To battle against what we've become, scientists have run a series of tests: combining human DNA to that of a lupine to geneticaly create werewolves, the only force strong enough to take down the 'Diseased'. This is the story of a brutal existance in a cruel future told through the eyes of a young girl...

Fairy Crossing Chapter Three

Chapter Three! Again!

SSOVU- An Introduction (Of Sorts)

This is a story about vampires in Venice, and also a sad attempt of humor on my part. This story was bron from a shared brain between my twin (Who, sadly doesn't have an elfwood account) whose name is Caylee, and myself. She has given me permission to use our shared brain to put this on elfwood all the same. I hope you enjoy SSOVU!

Fairy Crossing Chapter Two

Yes, Chapter two of Riane's curious adventures in 'Fairy Crossing' is here! Yay! Okay, okay. Well, in this chapter Riane is faced with none other then danger! dun dun dun! But what will become of our spunky little heroine? Even I don't know! ((um, maybe I shouldn't have said that out loud...))

A Hand Full Of Magic* Prologue_

Yay! A bonus story! This is just something I'm working on to get my creative juices flowing again. Enjoy!

Children of the Wind (poem)

This is a poem I wrote for a project I did in freshman year. I've been playing around with it for awhile, but I'm still not that happy with it.

A Hand Full Of Magic* Chapter One_

Yay! Chapter one! Enjoy!

Summer Waking; Chapter Two

Nothing much to say on this one. Read and enjoy.

Summer Waking

Well, as promised, this is the revised, third-person point of view to Fairy Crossing. And, also as promised, I'm stopping the work of Fairy crossing in order to finish the writing of its counterpart, Summer Waking. Mind you, this is only my second kinda-rough copy, so it still needs work... lost of work. Comments are appreciated! <3 -Rin

Fairy Crossing Chapter Four

Yay, Riane's back! Riane and the Prince have just arrived in Breena, and already they get into trouble! Seriously, what is up with these two? Well, I guess being magnets for danger just ends up making life a little more interesting I guess...

The Untouchable War

Aerala is the daughter of Ghiran's- her home land- best known general, and right now they are in the middle of a war. Sadly that's all her father ever cares about nowadays. Too bad Aerala has friends on the other side. Chapter one.

Fairy Crossing Chapter Five

Hey, sorry this one took so long you guys! But at least it's here now, right? (ahem.) Right then. Poor Riane, something seems to be happening, and she seems to be the only one who doesn't know what! And our villan is finally revealed! (dun dun DUN.) Enjoy chapter five of Fairy Crossing

Fairy Crossing Chapter One

'Fairy Crossing' has been a story I've been working on for about a year and a half now ((mostly because of much editing and writer's block on my part o_o)) so here you are, Chapter one of my first ever fantasy story, 'Fairy Crossing'. I hope you guys like it! >.<