Kaisa Antila

Hi! I'm 17 year old art student from Finland. I have obsession for comics which maybe comes from my father. Because of him we have quite a collection of them and I've learned how they can be civilizing. -Sounds funny. I know.- Besides creating my own cartoon, I like to draw dragons. Especially I like to see dragons as they appear in oriental culture. ->Not bad creatures. When I'm doing my 'art', I favour ordinary drawing pencils and ink. I don't like to use any 'picture processing -programs' (Maybe 'cause I don't know how..) so I have one special serie of 'faber castells' if I need colors in my pictures. Oh yeah.. Leave me comments.. please.. I like to read what other people think of my stuff.. As long as you'll praise my work to the skies.. ;) heehee.. That was a joke, ok. Tell me everything.. !!-->>(in a kindly way)<<--!!.. so I can improve my work.. Best comments are rewarded!!!! (Yeah.. you guessed it right.. That was a joke too..)) I'm reloading some of my pictures.. (I learned how to use my scan(-ner??).. after two or three years..) ;)