S.E. Ripley

UGH!!!! Too... long.... since.... last update! Year, to be precise. Sadly, that whole, 'art in 9th grade' thing didn't happen. I was the third kid at my Jr. High to sign up for it, but somehow, the class filled up before I could get in :P So took Drama instead. Yes, not really helpful in the whole drawing thing -though its done miracles in my writing, somehow :P- so that all stinks. I know, I know: My drawing S-U-C-K!!!!!!!! I had others up, but they got turned down cause 'they weren't neat enough.' One was of Snape too! I'll try and fix it and get it up too. REQUESTS!!! PLEASE SEND ME REQUESTS!!! PLEASE send me requests! I need to do some more fan art soon. These are the kinds of requests I will take: *Harry Potter *Phantom of the Opera I will probably take others, but I'm too tired to think of them. So just ask! I don't bit! I swear!! Lol. I hope I become more active on here, and update to make this gallery a bit more.... likeable. :D See ya! -Rip

Atlantis : Chapter 3 Draft

Chapter 3 is not yet complete though I figured I'd put up what is completed.

Dragons 2

Dragons Poem 2 of 2.

Atlantis : Chapter 2

The second chapter for Atlantis, the newest version. Again, please comment and give any comments or suggestions!

Rough Draft Atlantis

The original First Chapter for Atlantis. 2005

Atlantis: Chapter One

I started working on this story a few years ago and am finally becoming serious about it. I re-did the few chapters I have and am working on the next ones. This is still only a first draft, so please feel free to point anything out!


To put it simply, I love dragons. Not to any sort of obsession on any level but I do enjoy seeing them and reading about them when they cross my path. So, I figured I would give them a little back for giving me such joy by writing a few poems on them. 1 of 2.