Amandah Giarratano

Heya heya! Welcome to my little Wyvern Library. Anywho...I'm the 'Gnome', called so because I'm really jittery and can't sit still,and I'm only like 4'11 and a half, just barely making the half mark. ::Chuckles:: Anywhoo, I am a sixteen year old female, obvisouly. I'm in 11th grade and go to Vo-Tech for computers! Web desgin is so much fun and HTML is real easy, just time consuming. :-P Anywho, I love to read and listen to music. ^.^ I'm a huge Type O Negative and Fushigi Yugi fan, and I love to roleplay! I really like to write; I prefer to make up my own worlds,races, and things of that nature. I love reading Tolkien,Anita Blake novels, manga, and Anne Rice. But yeah, please read my stories and leave comments. I want you to be honest and tell me everything you think about what I write. I like that; cuz I like to improve and junk like that. lol . . . Yeah, I think thats all I can say about myself, lala ^.^ Update: Okay, I made one update. Added a short little story I wrote while in ISS one day; I tried to rewrite 'The Dying of Jessica', but I lik it the way it is so it's going to stay like that. And also, I don't think I'm going to contuine on with that story or my other story...I just lost all interest in them so...::shrugs:: I've been done in the dumps lately, so I've been writing a lot, but what I've written Elfwood doesn't allow; its all pretty graphic, so I'm in the process of seeing if I can edit them.

Lilith's Rising-Chapter 2

Nothing really, just the second chapter of Lilith's Rising.

Lilith's Rising

This is a story about three vampires on the run from a clan known as the 'Brood of Lilith' and searching for a person named Virgo Dragonriddle.What Virgo Dragonriddle is and isn't, no one seems to know. Lilith is searching for Virgo Dragonriddle because she had many questions on what she is that only he could answer. On the search, she meets up with two former members of the 'Brood of Lilith', Alexis and Tristen, who are being pursued by the members for certain reasons. In English class, we had to write a story in first person, something I've never before. This is my try at it, and I liked the how plot line I had going so I decided to contuine on with it. ^.^

The Dying of Jessica

'The Dying of Jessica' is about a mysterious young woman, who is actually a siren, luring entire villages to death to keep her immortality alive. With the help of a young bard, who lures people with his music, they do just that...until the gods send a tidal wave over the entire country, burying it beneath the sea. A sort of twist to the Atlantis story. Its almost done. Go me! I actually have something almost finished something!