Lauren Ritchie

Me: Hello, my name is Lauren Ritchie. I'm 23, I live on the Gold Coast, Australia, and I'm a receptionist.Favourites: bright orange, Grover from Seaseme Street, boots, my boyfriend Benn, a nice warm bed, jelly beans and cannelloni, hot chocolate on a rainy day, Everclear, Primal Fear (movie, not the book), good books, teddy bears (especially Max and Bill), the number 2, mermaids, frogs and turtles (check out my tours), drawing and comments ;).Dislikes: Smoking, people asking if I'm alright all the time, obnoxious little kids, techno/dance music, cleaning my room, people who leave their coffee cups on the table, homework, Elfwood first comment dance.Art: I've been drawing since late 2000, no art lessons since year 8. Inspired by artists all over the internet, and good books. I know I'm not that good, but at least I'm improving. I was the artist of the day for Wed 7th of March 2005, I'm so pleased! I love Ursula Vernon's work, I've got a print of one of her alternate frogs on my wall.  Most of my work recently has been Artist Trading Cards, I just haven't had the creativity to do full-size pieces.Updates: I just wanted to let everyone know that I won't be here as much as I used to, as I've signed up for a DeviantART account and prefer the setup over there. There will still be updates here, but the best art and all non-fantasy work will be over there. Check out the link by clicking on the 'Own Gallery' button up the top.