I believe in the power of awesomeness! Who am i? i am many names. I am dory at bmx, I am Roxy Skittles a school I am the greatest thing every. I am Rory Braconnier :(IMPORTANT)The Legend Of Shadow Step( JAN, 9th 2011) I have stopped writing "The leagend of ShadowStep" For the time being.(NEW)Short storys waiting aproval: None Poems wating aproval: None    believe friends are the most important thing. To me.Some days im sad. Some days im happy. Other days i really dont know whats going on. The mind, body and soul ae hard to control. All the power in the world could not control them. As much as we wish to we cannot conquer them. some may think they have but then they wake up. Just a dream.~The never knowing is the un-willingness to rid of are arrogance. The un-willingness to see beyond are own face.The never Knowing is what can harm us and the ones around us the most.-Rory Braconnier I like snow boarding and bmx racing Favourite movies I loved the "Color of magic" "Lord Of The Rings" "Robin Hood" Narrnia" Favourite books "the rangers apprentice" by John Flanagan and "the Legend of drizzet" by R.A salvator Favourite music Professor.Green, Cee-Lo-green, K'naan, Far East Movment,

The Legend of ShadowStep-chapter 1

Chapter One of "Legend Of Shadowstep"

The Legend Of Shadow Step-chapter 5

Chapter fice of legend of shadow step

The Legend Of Shadow Step-Chapter 6

chapter 6 of the legend of shadow step

The Legend Of Shadow Step-chapter 4

chapter 4 of The Legend Of Shadow Step

The Legend Of Shadow Step-chapter 3

Chapter 3 of (The legend Of Shadow Step) Rizzet gets a scare.