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Tamailynn was not your ordinary  enchantress.Her unique ablility was  to trap her victims within inanimate objects.She  gathered her power from theses unfortunate  beings(not  all human) for over 800 cycles making her one of the most powerfull and elusive of the inmortals. Over time these objects were scatered  throughout the known kingdoms ,their true histories lost to time, yet retaining a certain enchantment that granted the owner their wildest dreams to their darkest nightmares. It was 200 cycles since her last spell and she gew anxious to seek a being of power.Unfortunitely,a period of great wars caused the down fall of many of the races born to the gift of magic and the few remaing scattered and  mixed among the  human race, the new heirs to the  kingdoms. Magic still exists in this world but  at a price.After the great wars these powers were feared and thus any signs of magic was destroyed .Those who were born to these powers  concealed it.Tamailynn had to be cautious in her quest for fear she would be discovered in such a weakened state.In the current times,she has disguised herself as a noble.She was known to be excetric in all things,especially in fashion, and always dressed in garments more suited to her original lifetime. In this picture, she is depicted  with a vase.According to the writings of another inmortal 700 cycles ago, it was her most valuable posession, containing her first and  most feared  captive.Quentin had been her equal in power,but fell to her enchantment due to the weakness of pride.It is said that he is the keeper of the key to stopping her.Such a quest would be difficult indeed.In a world weakened by wars and suffering, She grows bold and decides she is destined to rule ths world.As her power grows and her influence spreads under the desguise of a great oracle, those  who  are the heirs to magic become aware to the threat  to everthing they know and have worked to rebuild. A call is needed to unite them .A leader is saught to help their cause.These are dark times, but hope can come in the form of a most unlikely band of heros.You've already met a few of them in some of my other pieces. Don't be fooled by her serenity.Beneath it lie a dark and evil purpose that may bring the world to a time that would make the wars of magic  look like childs play.Beware.

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