Hi! Okay, first things first lol, I'm a member of the Comment Exchange, means I'll return artists'/writers' comments; I don't return comment for comment, but I assure you, the more you comment here, the more I'll visit your page and comment too. What I said earlier about comments still rings true; if  you just leave me short comments, I'll probably do the same for you. I would paste the comment declaration, but I can't without the html coding going all wrong, so as soon as I sort that, I'll put on links, so that you can see how to (if you're interested) join the Comment Exchange or view more members! =)Annnnnnnnd now for my bio! It is not very jazzy yet, but will sort this ASAP, which'll probably be in a couple of months, when my summer starts!!!I have really been neglecting this gallery *hangs head in shame*...which I shouldn't've been...but med school is leeching all my free time at the minute. However, I still, of course, adore doodling/sketching/painting fantasy pieces, and I have a ten-week summer holiday coming up, so do not lose faith yet, I promise new pieces!!! :DAnd as for a quick bit of info on me, I'm eighteen, and as mentioned, a first year med student in England...I live, normally, in a small town in the East of England, and, otherwise, in a hall of residence at my university in a bigger city in the UK, lol.Hmmmmm and my favourite books include the 'HDM' trilogy, the 'Harry Potter' series, and aside from fantasy, there are more as well........oooh yes, and I haven't read much adult fantasy yet, just childrens' books, but I did recently finish 'The Labyrinth' by Kate Mosse, and it was an AWESOME introduction :D :D :DRight, don't lose faith in me, and I'll return to show you new, fabulous artwork in a coupla months :) I like Lots and lots of things Favourite books The 'His Dark Materials' series - Phillip Pullman The 'Harry Potter' series - J.K.Rowling 'Labyrinth' - Kate Mosse The 'Wind On Fire' series - William Nicholson The 'Great And Terrible Beauty' series - Libba Bray Favourite music All sorts! Bhangra, bollywood, pop, rock, hip-hop...I tend to be pretty mainstream lol...actually, I pretty much just (outright) avoid screaming, trance and dance. IMHO, 'tain't music, 'tis just NOISE. I do not, however, judge those who disagree, as long as they don't judge me :D