Robert Stenberg

Hmmmmmmm... I guess I need to write something about myself that will somehow delve into my psyche and explain why I am the way I am… I was born in Wisconsin (pronounced Wis-CAHN-sin for those in the know- and yes I have heard EVERY cow, dairy, and cheese joke that there is). I am a visual creature, having been raised on Speed Racer, Star-Blazers, Famous Monsters, Science Fiction and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many comic-books. As a youngster, I was heavy into horror and war movies. (My first comics were 'Werewolf by Night', and 'The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor'. So, as long as I can remember, I have been interested in art, reading, television, and movies. I drew ALL of the time, and loved special effects. (one day if you meet me you must ask me about the exploding head) I was pretty nerdy growing up (NO! say it isn't true) and not in the cool computer-geek way either. I  have a strong eye for semi-realsistic art and my black and white stuff is stronger than the color (but I'm working on it) and I am looking forward to working on some 3-D stuff in the near future.  Favourite movies Aliens, LOTR, Jericho