Laura Robjohns AKA Cheese cake

 It's been so long since I changed this! I'm a long time Elfwood memeber. This is where it all began for me and this is where my obsessions started! In the begining I literally only drew horses, unicorns, dragons (sometimes) and that was essentially it... actually some of that is still true today!  Equines are still my biggest love and you'll see a lot more coming when I finally get my little comic started :)I used to mostly do pencil drawings but I've since found Paint Tool SAI and now my work is shared between traditional and digital.I'll try and update this more often but you can see more at my DA account:   I like Drawing, photography, anything to do with animals :) Favourite movies I LOVE STAR WARS!! Favourite books Darren Shan: Demoata Favourite music LOTS