Roberto Campus

My illustrator career started at a very young age, when I was commissioned to create book covers for a series of Star Trek books by an Italian publisher.I started painting in '94, coming from a computer graphic background (see Deluxe paint on the old glorious Amiga). Most of the oil paintings in this gallery were created in the mid '90s, when I had just started painting and I was concentrating on studying the technique of the illustration master, Boris Vallejo.  Don't hesitate to leave comments and don't forget visit my website for a lot more artworks and TUTORIALS.During the past 15 years, I have created hundreds of dazzling fantasy artworks and illustrations for all the major publishers in the United States. Amongst my clients you can find Lucas Arts, Marvel, DC, Penguin Books and many more. Occasionally, I have also worked for videogame companies as background and texture artist and also 3d animator. My style is very flexible, varying from ultra realistic to anime.I have participated in several art shows both in Italy and the United States. My work can be seen on many book covers, often on news stands on magazine covers, comics books (Exalted, Hulk, Warlands, Street Fighter), trading card games (ShadowFist, Call of Cthulhu, WAR, World of Warcraft, A Game of Thrones CCG).I live in central Florida (USA).