Jessica Barnes

Greetings! Thanks for visiting my little clearing in the 'Woods. It's been a while since I've been around, so pardon the dust while I'm updating. :) Elfwood was the first gallery I ever joined--it's a natural fit, since I mostly draw science fiction and fantasy art anyway--and it's been an awesome ride! I'm a pencillist, for the most part, though I often pull sketches into Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop for coloring and post-processing.I recently opened a store on Etsy called DragonCrest Studios, so if you're interested in purchasing prints, pop on over for a look-see. I'd be happy to put up prints of older art, too, so let me know if you'd like a print of a piece that isn't currently available. Note: I'm not accepting requests or commissions at the moment, nor for the foreseeable future. Thanks for dropping by!People to Visit! Ben Smith Mandi 'Pixie' Embree Alison J. McKenzie, aka 'Lynxie' I like RPing, comics/manga (X-Men, Fantastic Four, Watchmen, King of Hell, Loveless, DeathNote), biking, videogames, grammar, and sci-fi & fantasy (...shocking, no?). Favourite movies Charmed, Supernatural, Pitch Black Favourite books The Dune series (Frank Herbert), Catspaw (Joan D. Vinge), the Assassin trilogy (Robin Hobb), and the Dresden Files (Jim Butcher).