I love fantasy stuff, love angels, I love furries, but I don't know how good I am at drawing them, um, Star Wars is awesome, love Final Fantasy 7-10, fairies are awesome, I love the Renaissance era, and I love anime/manga, which pretty much all my stuff is. I'm still working on improving my technique. Well, that's about it. My homepage has more of my art, but not everything you see here, so check it out and you can post here what you think. thanks!Please go check out my fan art one visits!! : CUPDATES!!!Kitten Furry-Part 1Siren-Art TradeArt Trade with Samael in colorAnderkina, RPG wolf formMershark NecromancerEagleJester2 Elves and a FrogAnd now, Elfwood artist buddies! yay!!!! Kerry Rowzivitch has some amazing art! Check her stuff out...NOW!! What are you waiting for?!? heheJennifer S. Kim!! Yay Jenni! She's so nice! Yesenia Diaz So Creative!!Kristy *AkirA* Yeomans She's just awesome, her guys are hot!yeah, that's it for now, well, enjoy! If you want to do an art trade, email me, if you want a personal pic, I will do them, but they may take a while, anything else you wanna know, leave a comment, thanks!!~*~Offical Fans~*~1. Melissa2. Lyndi3. Sarah Skinner4.Keoki5.Kakata6.Kirsty 'Chibs' Morrison7. Lee/Lynkok, so there're only 7, but if you want to be in either of my little bio sections, leave a comment!