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Eric Vondell ~ 'Tralfaz Aquilleon'

This is a series of quickie technical drawings I did for the Raultahrlaca back in early 1990. It shows the head study, the skull, and the fire breath mechanism. These dragons have biological particle beam cannons mounted above each eye. They have quantum shielding, Q-Shift, Electric surge, and one really evil attitude. These dragons were created by the Usani Empire to counteract new pilotless assault planes called X-80's. These dragons quickly became the most terrifying weapon ever conceived of. They can't be killed with known weaponry (Not even a nuclear blast!). They have Quantum Space weaponry derived from experiments with the DNA of Rukahrian 'Cheshire Dragons' (Chirodactylus draconis). This includes a weapon called 'Atomic Thundershock', which creates a level 10 shochwave in the fabric of space/time. In other words; the ultimate weapon! (As if 'Phaser beam vision' isn't sufficiently destructive for one critter to have!) They are vicious and fearless, yet, highly intelligent. Unfortunately, they, and the other battle beasts of Tannara eventually went feral and escaped the confines of the islands to become the most frightening creatures ever to terrorise the Earth. (Godzilla flicks come to life!) Over aeons of time, they were eventually matched by other Tannara born species such as the equally powerful and just as frightening Crimson Avenger (Vrashuhra griffins-mirificus) and a domesticated variant of the raultahrlaca called a Gwythaint (Raultahrlacas gwythaintius).

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