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Eric Vondell ~ 'Tralfaz Aquilleon'

I was attempting to draw a new and revamped version of Jayden and was working with some photos of My favorite species of Falcon; the cute & colorful Aplomado Falcon (Falco Femoralis-septentrionalis). Jayden is also part Fretkat / Fossa Cat (Cryptoprocta ferox-bennet)with standard Aquilleon type gryphon....he's small (Hawk-Eagle sized) and thinks simplistically; 1) If it's larger than me, then, it's dangerous to me! 2) If it's just my size, then, it's either a Competitor for territory, A friend, Or possible mate... 3) If it's smaller than me, then, it can only be LUNCH! (This can include, but, is not limited to the following; Insects, Small Lizards, Songbirds, Mice, Fairies, Pixies, Fairy-Dragons, Pixie-Gryphs, The Rats of NIMH, Little Green Men, & Little Blue Smurfs! ) I don't know how much in the way of 'mature' this drawing is~It's just a weird little bird of prey, being a weird little bird of prey! This version is also not the final version. It is currently just my character color guide and will be done over with prisma colors. I just thought it looked pretty good and creative like it is..for now...=^-^=

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